Sunday, January 30, 2011

Menu 1/31-2/5

A day early even! Woohoo! I actually got everything I needed for this month minus one thing for one recipe. And I have 2 days right now that are blank because I don't know what to have those days. One day is when I'm going to be doing a freezer cooking day and the other is because I'm going out to lunch for my dad's retirement and we are going to Biaggi's which is a pretty fancy Italian restaurant. So not sure what will happen those days, but they are later this month. But on to this weeks!

Monday - Enchiladas

Tuesday - veggie soup from the freezer with bread

Wednesday - BBQ from the freezer

Thursday - Pizza Bowties with sausage (new recipe will post review later)

Friday - Pizza night!

Saturday - This is my dad's birthday and so we are going to take him out if he is feeling better. He has been not feeling so well the past couple of weeks. But hopefully he'll be well enough to go out with us. Or we might just have dinner here. Depends on what he wants to do. It is his day after all :)

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