Monday, January 10, 2011

Menu Plan 1/10 - 11/15

So far this year hasn't shaped up very nicely. I have been sick more days than healthy so far this year! And I rarely get sick. So for me, not happy at all about it. Last week's menu went pretty ok with the exception of I didn't make the veggie soup as planned. And other than that I made what I thought I would. Which is great! So you will see veggie soup for Tuesday which is going to be made. Wednesday I have the day off because I worked Saturday so I plan on making some homemade bread that day and work on my 52 weeks of organizing. Be sure to look up for both.

Monday - Mac and Cheese*using my mom's cheese sauce*

Tuesday - Beef Veggie Soup and bread

Wednesday - enchiladas*beans and cheese*

Thursday - sweet and sour pork with rice noodles

Friday - homemade pizza

Saturday - leftovers or whatever we find in the freezer

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