Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Challenge 2011!

Ok, I have made a couple of resolutions this year and so far a couple of them are stuck in limbo. I'm asking for you, my readers, help to me keep with these little goals. Now mind you, I have one that I've made for myself that I have NOT even started yet so I'm not going to post about that one.

1)Menu plan! I want to get my month planned out and then be sure to post on Mondays in conjunction with Menu Plan Monday on Orgjunkie.com

2)attempt to blog all my recipes that I have written up with photos

3)Work on my organizing list. I have thanks again to Orgjunkie.com started a list of 22 things that I need to organize in my house. Granted it says 52 weeks for her site, but I can't think of 52 things! I'll post that list and what has been completed WITH photos on Fridays.

4)Save up for a down payment on a house. Ok, first of all, this should be easy for us since we have 1 debt and that will be paid off by July. So....now just to save our money instead of spend our money.

5)Try at least 50 new receipes. That is less than a new one a week. I can do that. And to blog about them.

Sounds not too bad right? I think I can handle. Now...just to actually do :)

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