Monday, March 28, 2011

Menu 3/28-4/2

Sorry for no posting last week but I was soaking up the sunshine in AZ :) It was wonderful! We had a blast seeing all our friends. We didn't get to see some, but it was only because we were so busy trying to see everyone! I did get to do some cooking last week which was great! Our friends Josh and Cheri who we stayed with were super awesome! We loved getting to stay with them. Plus she didn't mind having dinner ready a couple of the nights. This week I'm feeling a little lazy still and therefore we are going to be cleaning out the freezer. I plan on keeping stuff simple and easy. I am getting the spring cleaning itch and want to open the house up, but with highs in the upper 30's lower 40's we need to hold off a little bit...

Monday - diced chicken with Rice A Roni (chicken and broccoli)

Tuesday - fish and chips

Wednesday - meatloaf and scalloped potatoes

Thursday - Spaghetti and meatballs

Friday - pizza

Saturday - left overs or BBQ from freezer

Monday, March 14, 2011

Menu 3/14-3/19

It is suppose to be upper 40's here this week and even possibly in the 50's. WOOHOO! So excited. I'm just tired of being cold. This week we are going to be trying some new stuff. But we also are going to be getting ready for our trip to Arizona. Can't wait to be out there in the sunshine and warmth! Thursday we are going to have a family dinner with my mom and dad and possibly my brother. Be sure to check out more at

Monday - Chicken with honey balasmic glaze*new

Tuesday - Gospel Community, I'm bringing salad

Wednesday - Orange Chicken with rice*new

Thursday - St Patricks Day! Crockpot corned beef with Young's Chocolate Stout, cabbage, new potatoes and a dessert. Can't decide between Irish soda bread or Guiness Cupcakes...

Friday - homemade pizza

Saturday - Eating with Andrew's mom before our flight out!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Menu 3/7-3/12

Yet another Monday! Today it is chilly and cloudy. I'm so tired of winter! I love the snow, but am ready for spring and sunshine! This week I'm working some overtime again. And also planning for our trip to AZ. Can NOT wait for Arizona :) have to plan a menu out there. Some of the nights will be eating out at some of our favorite spots, but we are staying with friends and I want to make them dinner some nights :) Plus we plan on having a get together the Friday night so we have to plan that out too. But on to this week! I didn't plan for 3 meals to be Mexican, but it worked out because that's what I had. Be sure to check out for more ideas

Monday - Chipolte (Buy one get one free coupon for burritos)

Tuesday - taco ring (new receipe to try out)

Wednesday - enchiladas, black beans and cheese

Thursday - tomato soup and grilled cheese

Friday - homemade pizza

Saturday - leftovers or something I make up.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Clean up Junk Room

Yes we have a Junk room. It is because we are renting the house we are in right now from family. And we would have a basement to use if the house was ours, but right now it is full of Grandpa's stuff. Grandpa has been dead since 2006. Nevertheless we have our junk room. I'm happy to report it is now clean! :) it is one of 2 spare rooms we have. Most of the time if I keep my friends kids they get this room with air mattresses. So here with out ado is my lovely new junk room, which is also going to be my craft room :)