Monday, February 7, 2011

Menu 2/7-2/12

This week is going to be a very long week for me. I'm working overtime at work so I'll be working 8am - 7pm pretty much all week. Saturday I get a break and get to leave at 5pm. Still a very long week. Plus I'm doing a fruit flush for the first 3 days. I feel bad for my husband, but he can survive with a frozen pizza and corn dogs. I'm looking forward to Sunday for not working and just relaxing.

Monday - For me, salad with egg and olive oil. Hubby on his own

Tuesday - For me salad with egg and olive oil, hubby on his own

Wednesday - Salad with salmon for both of us.

Thursday - turkey in the crockpot and taters. (gotta make up for not eating :))

Friday - Lasagna roll ups from freezer

Saturday - pasta of some sort.

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