Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Menu 9/13-9/18

Man, I'm terrible at this. Need to work on posting this on MONDAY like I'm supposed to. Oh well. At least it is getting posted. I'm watching 2 of my friend's kids this week. One of them has juvenile diabetes and has to be monitored for his carb in take. I slightly adjusted what I would normally make just because it is easier to count carbs when you have a box that tells you :-D

Monday - Freezer Food, Pizza Pasta Casserole (I came home late)

Tuesday - Andrew works late and I went to our neighbors for small group

Wednesday - chicken nuggets and green beans *kids over starting tonight thru Saturday*

Thursday - hot dogs and peas

Friday - eat out, not sure where, I'm letting the kids choose since it will be 4 of us

Saturday - breakfast: eggs, bacon and toast, lunch: pizza, dinner: grilled hamburgers/cheeseburgers and corn.

snacks: granola bars, yogurt, fruit cups, cereal.

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