Tuesday, September 21, 2010

9/20-9/25 Menu

Man, I said I was going to do this yesterday and I didn't get to. I was running around like a crazy person after work. Therapy, taking Simon my baby kitten to Grandma's so he could get to the vet in the morning to get his surgery done! Thankfully I had my dinner already for me to pop in the oven when I got home. Andrew works till close all week except Thursday which he has off and Friday he works till 7pm. So I have done dinners that will reheat nicely and will hopefully be something he'll eat :) I also plan on making some extra food items this week when I find time at night to stock up the freezer again as well as get some healthy snacks. We'll see how that goes :)

Monday - Freezer Food - Taco Lasagna

Tuesday - Veggie Soup with Vegan Herb Crackers

Wednesday - Sticky Chicken in crockpot. I'm going to be subbing chicken breasts for the whole chicken

Thursday - Home made pizza

Friday - Freezer Food - Lasagna Rollups

Saturday - Mom's chili with cornbread.

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