Monday, February 21, 2011

Menu 2/21- 2/26

Can I just start this post with an apology? I have been awful this past week with my menu and planning and getting it done. I had it all written up to post and I was exhausted on Monday and didn't even post it. And then to make matters worse I didn't even post it later in the week! I had been working overtime at work and I sure hope my paycheck reflects my hard work. On the plus side you get to see me now :) I even will have a post for Friday's clean up day. Remember, more menus at

Monday - BBQ Pork

Tuesday - Broccoli and Cheddar soup

Wednesday - Parmesan Chicken

Thursday - tacos

Friday -pizza

Saturday - fish and chips


  1. Sounds good! How do you make your fish and chips? ~~Rhonda

  2. I cheat and buy fish sticks and French fries then bake them in the oven :)