Thursday, May 2, 2013

My birth story

Let me first start off saying that I am not typical. I am a person who would rather be done with things sooner than later. I don't like long drawn out things. I am that person who wants to have things done now. Just my personality and that just means that if I have to be in pain, I'm going to try my hardest to get it over with as soon as possible. I did this with my surgery I had in 2008 when I was supposed to take it easy and rest. I went shopping 3 days later. My due date was Feb 5th.That being's my story

Thursday Jan 24th (12 days away from my due date), I worked 10:30am until 7pm at my former job. I had said my see ya tomorrow's to most of my co-workers and it was just me. I felt fine and was just finishing up some stuff at work when it was time to go home. I worked in a call center and didn't get a call at 6:59 which is the dreaded time to get one because we were closed at 7pm. I had a 45 minute drive home, so I called my mother in law because she called me and we chatted a little. Told her that I was feeling good and was looking forward to my bed that night. She was telling me about my sister in law who was due 4/28 and how she was doing. It was a nice drive home. I got home. I was hungry, so I made chicken and noodles for myself, but added some peas to it just to make it more interesting. It was amazing. I must say I was quite impressed with myself. Of course after that my brain tells me that I need to clean. Which at this time, was completely fine because we had just moved into our house we are in now in December and it was time to clean up something. Well....lo and behold I cleaned. I went straight to our computer/mud room and cleaned. I mean I cleaned everything. I had my side cleaned off. I cleaned out the kitty litter box with my gloves and mask on and I scrubbed that sucker clean. I cleaned up the area around it. I even mopped the floor. Hubby called me at 9:30pm and we chatted. Jokingly, I told him that I was nesting and that it means we probably would be having Kiddo in the next few weeks. We laughed about that. It got to be about 10:30 I thought to myself I better get going to bed because I have to be at work at 8am the next day. So I laid in bed and just couldn't sleep. I was just restless. So off to the bath I went. It was about 11pm that I got in the bathtub and just laid there. Meanwhile Marvin, my oldest boy cat, started to pace the bathroom. Back and forth. I told him I was fine and that I just needed the bath to help me relax. He didn't agree with me, but whatever. I was rested so around 11:30 I got out and got into bed again. First contraction hit at 11:45pm. What the heck was that? I was thinking to myself. So I texted Hubby who was at work still letting him know that I had a contraction and I was going to time them, but just be warned. He had planned on going out like usual and I told him that was fine because I didn't think it was going to go fast. I had 12 hours in my mind. 

Midnight hits. I'm 11 days away from my due date. 

I suddenly had 3 contractions from 12 to 12:15. Texted Hubby again. Letting him know that he may need to come home. He said he would try to come home soon. 12:15 to 1 they settled into being 5 minutes apart and more intense each time. I had texted Hubby at 12:45 explaining that he needed to come home so we could go to the hospital to get checked out. He agreed and got home at 1:30a. By the time he got home, I was squatting next to the bed each time a contraction hit and couldn't talk. I needed to go to the hospital. I had nothing ready for this baby I told him in between contractions which were getting to be between 3-5 minutes apart lasting a minute and a lot more intense. So we quickly threw together a hospital bag of stuff.  I had a doctors appointment on Monday and she didn't check me because she likes to wait until 39 just in case that causes labor. So I had no clue about if I was dilated or effaced or anything. Got to the hospital around 2:40am and the contractions were just about 3 1/2 minutes apart lasting 1-2 minutes. So up to the birthing center I go. They check me and I'm fully effaced and 3cm dilated. I'm not going home. My plan was to do a water birth if possible. I ask about the tub, well, they can get it started, but won't let me in it until I'm 4cm. Ok. So they start the tub and say let's check you again. 5cm. Oh boy. So they let me get in while it is filling up which is probably around 4 according to Andrew. I don't remember the times well because well, I was in labor.  Well, during that time I'm pretty sure I cursed a few times that this was painful. And it was. The nurse checked me once in the tub and said I was a 9. They had called my  midwife, Jolene and told her that I was pretty far along.  After that I said I needed to push and she said not yet. Then all the sudden Kiddo's heart rate would drop and I had to move. So I moved, and still heart rate went down. So out of the tub I went because Kiddo's heart rate sank to 80. That's apparently really bad.  I think I told them if I was going to be out of the tub I'm getting an epidural. The nurse had called or texted Jolene that I was getting out of the tub and she should probably come soon. This was at about 4:50 they took me out of the tub, gave me the most painful IV I have ever had in my entire life and some oxygen. That is to the point where I felt euphoric. I'm not sure what it was but that oxygen was like a new me had come. When I got the oxygen I stopped talking and yelling and just laid there trying to push a little, but not a lot because my midwife hadn't come yet. They checked me again and I was 10.  At around 5:20 Jolene and her assistant Shelby walk in. Hubby says that even tho I was euphoric feeling my grip went from strong to super duper strong. He was a bit worried about his fingers, but said it was ok that I was doing it. He was awesome because the entire time he kept saying what a great job I was doing and was keeping the oxygen mask on. Jolene sees that the heart rate for Kiddo isn't good and needs to get out of me now. She makes me move in a bunch of uncomfortable positions. I started on my left side then went to hands and knees and then to the right side all the time pushing. Each time the heart rate would go down some but not after being ok for a little. Well she apparently had texted the doctor at one point and they had determined I might need a c-section if kiddo didn't come soon. This was at 540am. Well then a few pushes and pop out the head. Then one more push and out comes the rest! My mom tells me she was in the hall and saw the doctor come in to do the c-section and as he got to the door the nurse told him that baby was born and nevermind. So he turned around and went home. Back in the room they put baby on me and nurses are congratulating us and then Jolene says "wait.. What is the baby? They don't know what they had!" so they lift the legs and tada! We have a little boy! After that I was shaking so bad from the hormones and I kept saying sorry to Jolene and she just laughed and said it was fine. She then apologizes to me saying that I tore and usually they try to not let that happen but because of how quick they wanted kid out and also because I was so fast it couldn't have been prevented. She said it was a 2nd degree tear but it was on the lower end of 2nd and almost could have been a 1st. She also apologized for not coming sooner, but she thought I was going to be out of the tub a lot longer and getting an epidural. So that's my story. The nurses were all amazed at how fast I went when I told them this was my first. Like I said at the beginning, when I want something done, I do it fast. One nurse said to us, next kid you have, you better be at the hospital the first contraction you feel or you will be one of those that ends up having a kid on the side of the highway. Now, a little over 3 months and I wouldn't trade my labor/birth for anything. Kiddo is amazing and growing constantly. Stay tuned for more. I do have a more graphic version but, I decided family friendly is best :)

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