Friday, April 5, 2013


I'm going to start out by saying sorry. But I'm changing my thoughts on this blog and then will also share some recipes that I try as well. So not to worry about that.

I became a stay at home mom (SAHM) on January 25, 2013 to my beautiful baby boy, Silas. He has been such a treat being a mom to. Dad, Andrew, is working at the airport and taking care of us. So this is an adventure in not only motherhood, but also in 1 income life. So far so good. We have survived 10 weeks of life with Silas and mommyhood. I'm so proud to be a mom. I will share my birth story because it was an interesting experience in another post. But I wanted to just restart and introduce myself and my family again.

Me: Sarah, Stay at home mom. Lover of all things food. I'm going to be looking forward to this adventure of budgetting and mommying.
Hubby: Andrew, the dad and the moneymaker. He works at the airport as an airplane mechanic. He's a great dad too!
Kiddo: Silas, he's my little man who's 10 weeks old. At his well baby for 2 months he was 25 1/2 inches long which was in the 99th percentile. We'll discuss later. :)

So, HI! This is my family and my adventures!

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