Sunday, April 17, 2011

Menu 4/18-4/23

Now that I have a laptop maybe my menus will be posted with more frequency. I was pretty lazy before because it would mean having to turn on the computer and then because it has an error when it boots up have to make sure to boot the "master" and then sign my password because I have it locked and then wait for the computer to finally be ready to work. This was probably a 5 minute process. I'm just lazy. But now with my laptop I can now just boot it and sign my password and be ready to go in 2 minutes. What have I become ;) But the real reason for getting a laptop was because I'm going back to school. I'm pursuing my MBA with Grand Canyon University. It is an online school and I'm really excited about getting it! One of my life goals was to get a Master's. Any way. On to the menu! Be sure to check out for more plans!

Monday - Stirfry veggies with rice

Tuesday - Pizza Pasta Casserole from the freezer

Wednesday - Lawnmower Taco

Thursday - Hamburgers on the grill, pending weather.

Friday - homemade pizza

Saturday - completely depends on what the weather is and what I feel like. I'll probably be working on Easter lunch stuff :)

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